Welcome To Skeptics On The .Net

I want to thank you for taking the time to check out Skeptics on the .Net. Finding information on the internet can be a bit daunting for someone just learning about skepticism. There are many websites, some with lots of helpful information, and some that are no longer being maintained or have out of date information.  Some are even set up by practitioners of woo meant to deceive and confuse newcomers.

The idea for Skeptics on the .Net is to have a single clearinghouse and directory of all the skeptical podcasts and blogs on the Internet. Through the Sot.N blog we will also be introducing and explaining topics that might be of interest to new and seasoned skeptics alike and linking to sources where you can learn more.

We launch today with over 50 entries. These represent the biggest and most well known podcasts and blogs. But it is only a scratch on the surface. We will continue to add to the list and include more niche subjects as we move forward. We also want this to be a discussion. Comments are allowed on every entry. Suggest other podcasts listeners should check out, discuss your favorite episodes, or point out connections we might have missed. We want this to be a place the skeptical community feels free to talk about particular blogs and podcasts. Don’t be afraid to use those Facebook and Twitter buttons either. Let your social network know what you think they should be checking out.

I want to thank the Skeptics on the .Net staff who have volunteered their time and skills to make this an amazing site to look at and to read. If you are interested in helping, all you have to do is email us.