The OTHER Burzynski Patient Group

Stanislaw Burzynski is a physician based out of Houston who administers a chemotherapy called “antineoplastons.” They have never, in 35 years, demonstrated efficacy or safety. Nonetheless, Burzynski charges patients hundreds of thousands of dollars for this unproven treatment. The way that it is framed is that they are entering “clinical trials,” but the man has never, ever published the final results of a single clinical trial. 

From the position of an informed patient advocate, everything about the Burzynski Clinic reeks of medical charlatanry.There is something distinctly aberrant about Burzynksi’s supporter base, and a cult of personality surrounds the man unlike anything the founders of The OTHER Burzynski Patient Group has seen in other medical schemes.

The OTHER Burzynski Patient Group is NOT affiliated with the Burzynski Patient Group, the Burzynski Clinic, or the Burzynski Research Institute. Those are all awful. Nor does The OTHER Burzynski Patient Group mean to represent the views of any of the Clinic’s current or former patients or those of their families or loved ones. All information posted on The OTHER Burzynski Patient Group was either freely available online or in the press at the time of writing. Visit the site and hear the patients’ stories in their own words as well.