Skeptical Analysis Of The Paranormal Society (SAPS)

Since July 2006 SAPS has been garnering a great amount of support in the skeptical and (oddly) paranormal communities. It is not the goal of SAPS to spread unbelief, but to offer alternate ways of thinking about paranormal events through investigation. 

This does not mean that your own paranormal experience didn’t happen, or that you are deluded or ignorant or stupid. It merely means that there has never been concrete evidence of the paranormal, yet there are individuals who will represent their findings as absolute truth. Why do we believe them? That is the most important question SAPS asks. When we trust in another person to help us decide the amount of truth in something, we take power away from ourselves. Being open-minded does not mean believing in fantastic occurences. Being open-minded means constantly accepting that you may be wrong. When other avenues of thought are ignored or immediately refuted, we may lose sight of the truth.