QED (Question, Explore, Discover) is a skeptic, science, and critical thinking conference held yearly in the UK and organized by North West Skeptical Events Ltd, a committee representing the Merseyside Skeptics Society and the Greater Manchester Skeptics. Held in the spring, QED has been located in the Mercure Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester since its 2011 debut.

This conference is held over a weekend, talks taking place on the Saturday and Sunday, and a party at the bar on the Friday welcomes attendees and allows them to chat with friends and mingle with new people while also doubling as an early check-in. The Saturday night treats guests to entertainment from comedians, musicians, and even the Skeptic Magazine awards in 2012. Before the night’s entertainment there is also a Gala Dinner where attendees who’ve purchased a dinner ticket can have a nice meal with one of the event’s speakers.

Their speakers have covered a variety of topics from physics to music to cryptozoology. Past speakers have included Richard Saunders, Joe Nickell, Deborah Hyde, Steven Novella, Jon Ronson, George Hrab, Bruce Hood, Edzard Ernst, Eugenie Scott, Kylie Sturgess, Simon Singh, Chris French, and many more.

QED is a conference designed with the attendees in mind. Any profit made from the event goes to charity and, starting in 2013, a percentage goes back into the pool for the next year’s event. QED is also entirely run by volunteers. All this allows the organizers to sell tickets at the lowest prices possible. The 2013 event also began offering childcare for the convenience of its guests.