One Month

Skeptics On The .Net has been up for one month and the response from the skeptical community has been amazing. A big thank you to the volunteers who have added listings, wrote blog posts and worked on the backend. And a huge thank you to you, our readers. We wanted to let you know a couple of the things we are working on:

Groups & People

Starting Monday we will be adding two new categories to our directory: Groups and People. Using the Groups category we will start to add skeptical groups large and small from around the world to our directory. With People we will be adding notable skeptics, scientists and others. This, we hope, will make our site comprehensive and will help us reach our goal of being THE skeptical directory.

CSI Con 2011

We have been asked many times if any of us will be attending The Amazing Meeting 9. Unfortunately, the answer is no. And while we plan to have representatives at TAM10, right now we are also working on going to CSI Con 2011The Committee For Scientific Inquiry is a fantastic organization that promotes scientific inquiry, critical investigation, and the use of reason in examining controversial and extraordinary claims. Their conference in October is in New Orleans and we would like to go to learn, hopefully get a few interviews with some notable skeptics, and spread the word about the site. But we need your help! We are asking our readers for donations. Donations of any size are appreciated and go straight toward attending CSI Con 2011 and the cost of running the site. You can donate via PayPal.

Again, this has been an amazing month and we thank all our readers.