Monster Science

Monster Science is an educational Web site about the science of monsters founded by a group of scientists and researchers. Not monsters like Godzilla or The Blob or the Boogeyman, but (allegedly) real creatures such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster. 

While some people dismiss these creatures as myth, the contributors to Monster Science believe that the search for these animals is legitimate and worthwhile, because if they exist, they can tell us a lot about the world. (In fact if Bigfoot are related to humans, the discovery would rewrite our evolutionary history!)

If animals such as Bigfoot are out there, their existence will only be proven through good science—not by eyewitness reports, nor by fuzzy photos or video clips. Sightings and photos may be useful in leading to hard evidence, but they are not real evidence in and of themselves. This is why they focus on the science behind the search.

At, they believe it’s time to use the most reliable methods known to mankind to help unravel the mystery of these creatures. It’s time for science.