Meet S.G. Collins The Man Behind The “Moon Hoax Not” YouTube Video

While browsing the Skeptic sub-Reddit I came across an amazing bit of moon landing hoax debunking. Created by S. G. Collins it attacks the moon landing hoax from a radically new angle: While we had the technology to send men to the moon and bring them back safely, we did not have the technology to fake it. I contacted Mr. Collins and asked him to introduce himself:

I’m not classically a skeptic; in fact I consider myself to be pretty gullible. But I guess that one movie [Moon Hoax Not] falls into that category of ‘skeptic’.
I don’t have any expertise, I just react with some degree of common sense I guess. Anybody who is aware of the development of film and video technology would be able to recognize these things.  
I’ve been working in film / video since 1978. For much of that time I was a cameraman. I earn my living writing, directing and designing little marketing films. Then as an antidote for the corporate work, I do little independent projects for fun or art, like the music videos and mini documentaries.  
In writing the script for ‘moon hoax not’ i also consulted with a retired video engineer named Tom who used to work at CBS during the 1960s and 1970s.  Tom owned the video company I worked at when i lived in Boston. Last i heard he was starting a museum of broadcast technology.
My specific reason for making ‘moon hoax not’ was because the idea had been on my mind for several years and I wanted to get it off my chest already. I noticed that a lot of people just don’t know about the difference between the technology profiles of 1969 and today and the true believers don’t care, of course. I had one guy from YouTube tell me that it was possible to mount a front projection system on the lunar rover to produce fake moon footage.  He didn’t seem to understand about how front projection works, or how matchmove works — or that we didn’t have motion-tracking technology in the 1960s.
People believe to belong, they believe for desire, and they believe for love. And they seem to be getting crazier over time.  So I am worried about the fate of knowing. I don’t think that makes me a skeptic, but it does make me a homo sapiens.

He may not consider himself a Skeptic (capitol S) but his critical thinking skills and desire for the truth definitely make him a skeptic (lowercase s).