Kylie Sturgess

Kylie Sturgess is a teacher, blogger, author and podcaster. She is also a Member of the James Randi Educational Foundation Education Advisory Panel and a frequent speaker at skeptic and atheist conventions around the world. Kylie Sturgess is the host of the Token Skeptic podcast and regularly writes editorial for numerous publications and the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry‘s Curiouser and Curiouser online column.

She was the co-host for the Global Atheist Convention in 2010 and 2012.

An award-winning Philosophy teacher, Kylie has lectured on teaching critical thinking and anomalistic beliefs worldwide.

In 2011 she was presented with the Secular Student Alliance Best Individual Activist Award for her activism independent of a university student group and was the Australian coordinator of the 2011 10:23 Campaign.

When not writing, teaching, or podcasting Kylie is a student of Psychology and a volunteer at a science museum in her home town of Perth, Western Australia.