Homologous Legs

Homologous Legs is the blog of Jack Scanlan, an Australian biology student who has a serious problem with creationists, intelligent design proponents and anyone else who misrepresents evolutionary biology or science in general.

He uses the blog to post news about the intelligent design/evolution “war”, science communication in biology and chemistry, and mostly coherent thoughts from his scattered, music-loving brain. He finds that creationism is easy to attack and ridicule but intelligent design (ID) is a trickier beast and requires a more nuanced approach. The blog prides itself on a somewhat serious method for responding to and addressing the claims made by ID, shunning name-calling and derogatory remarks for respectful discourse, while simultaneously not being afraid to call out ID proponents for lies, deception or misleading claims on their part.

Jack is a founding member of the Young Australian Skeptics, a community website/blog for young skeptics and freethinkers, a contributor to the Pseudo Scientists, its fortnightly podcast on science, skepticism and religion, and a committee member of the University of Melbourne Secular Society. He also writes for the Panda’s Thumb and Nature Education’s Student Voices, two blogs he is extremely proud to be a part of.