CFI Poland

CFI Poland’s primary purpose is the same as of all CFI branches in numerous countries on five continents: to promote and defend reason, science, and freedom of inquiry in all areas of human endeavor.

They encourage evidence-based inquiry into science, pseudoscience, medicine and health, religion, ethics, secularism, and society.

Through education, research, publishing, and social services, they seek to present affirmative alternatives based on scientific naturalism.

CFI Poland is also interested in providing rational ethical alternatives to the reigning paranormal and religious systems of belief, and in developing communities where like-minded individuals can meet and share experiences. Additionally, in response to Polish specific situations, particularly in regards to the powerful position of the Catholic Church in Polish politics, they are involved in defending and promoting humanist ideas and solutions (including drafting laws) concerning the areas that are mostly influenced and threatened by this institution, such as freedom of thought, speech and artistic expression, family law, law on abortion, euthanasia and generally the rights and liberties of all people.