CFI Los Angeles

Located in Hollywood, California, the Center for Inquiry Los Angeles includes offices and the Steve Allen Theater, which hosts a variety of comedy, magic, and music shows, as well as our regular meetings. The Center runs a wide range of programs including conferences, social activities, lectures, publications, support groups, debates, and cultural events.

In addition to local activities, the Center for Inquiry also provides services at regional, national, and international levels. The Center for Inquiry Los Angeles is also the Southern California headquarters of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI, formerly CSICOP — publisher of Skeptical Inquirer magazine) and the Council for Secular Humanism (publisher of Free Inquiry magazine) as well as the international headquarters for Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS), also known as Save Our Selves, a popular recovery program that provides a nonreligious alternative to twelve-step programs for alcoholics and others with substance dependencies.

The Center’s location in the world’s entertainment and media capital enables it to play a vital role in promoting reason and responsibility in news, entertainment, and documentary programming. Journalists, producers, academics, and members of the public can turn to the Center for information and rational viewpoints on fringe science, moral issues, and paranormal and supernatural claims.

At the community level, the Center for Inquiry provides a forum for individuals interested in humanism and skepticism to learn more about these philosophies, and to apply their principles of critical inquiry to all areas of human experience, ranging from alternative medicine to moral education.