CFI Croatia

CFI Croatia is an association dedicated to promoting science, reason, freedom of research and humanistic values ??in order to resist the dogma of the present and pushed out the myths of the past.

At the Center they believe that thinking based on evidence is vital to modern civilization. Unlike other institutions, they hold that the religious and pseudoscientific claims should be checked by using scientific methods and logical thinking, and they believe that the ideological doctrine and religious dogma have no right to set our moral standards just as they have no right to influence science. They reject mysticism and blind faith. No issues should be spared scrutiny – especially not religion and fringe science, which have a profound impact on shaping beliefs and behaviors.

By promoting a secular society they do not want to deprive the faithful of their rights. They are not opposed to religious freedom, but are strongly opposed to religion by supporting the Government’s use of religious dogma in public policy justification. The secular society that they aspire to would build a community of reason and compassion in which the dignity and fundamental rights of all individuals would be respected.