10 To Start: Skeptoid

Many skeptical podcasts have been around for several years and feature hundreds of episodes. We understand that it can be hard jumping into a show with such a history, so we have created 10 To Start, a running series in which we pick 10 past episodes we feel would give the newcomer a good footing and understanding of the show.

Since 2006, Skeptoid has been fighting the good fight against the overwhelming majority of noise in the media supporting useless alternative medicine systems, psychics preying upon the vulnerable, the erosion of science education in the classroom, xenophobia of advanced energy and food production methods, and generally anything that distracts attention and public funding from scientific advancement.

Brian DunningHosted by Brian Dunning, Skeptoid Skeptoid generally examines four basic types of popular pseudosciences: consumer frauds, urban legends, useless alternative medicine schemes and conspiracy theories.

As of the time of this post there are 269 episodes of Skeptoid. And while almost all are under 15 minutes we wanted to highlight what we felt were the best 10 episodes for someone who hasn’t yet listened to Skeptoid.

Episode #19: Organic Food Myths
Episode #166: Organic vs. Conventional Agriculture

Organic food is better for you and helps the planet and that is why it is so expensive, right? In these two episodes Skeptoid crunches the numbers and does the research. The results are stunning. Right Click & Save As... to download Right Click & Save As... to download

Episode #37: How To Spot Psuedoscience
Episode #73: A Magical Journey Through The Land Of Logical Fallacies – Part 1
Episode #74: A Magical Journey Through The Land Of Logical Fallacies – Part 2

These three episodes are bundled together because they are some of the best instructions on how to think skeptically. Through the episodes Brian Dunning explains his points clearly and succinctly and gives examples and then let’s you think about it. There’s no verbose explanations or college level lectures on logic, nor is there a need for it. Everything is kept clean, simple and informative. Right Click & Save As... to download Right Click & Save As... to download Right Click & Save As... to download

Episode #42: Whacking, Cracking, and Chiropractic
Episode #113: The Most Effective Homeopathy Podcast Ever

Many people swear by Chiropractic and Homeopathy but very few of them know the basis for these “amazing cures”. These episodes are the perfect place to start educating yourself and then suggesting to others.  Right Click & Save As... to download Right Click & Save As... to download

Episode #111: Should Tibet Be Free

Oppressive Communist Chinese regime takes over Tibet from the peaceful and serene Tibetan buddhists. And we have all seen the t-shirts and bumper stickers. Free Tibet! It’s a no-brainer, right? Skeptoid digs deep, past the platitudes and pithy slogans, and digs up the truth about Tibet. Right Click & Save As... to download

Episode #156: Falling Into Mel’s Hole

I have to say upfront that I am a bit biased on this one. Before I labeled myself as a skeptic I loved listening to Art Bell’s “Coast To Coast AM” radio program. My absolute favorite reoccurring story on the program was Mel’s Hole, a reported bottomless hole. In this episode Brian Dunning and the amazing Skeptoid researchers (pardon the pun) get to the bottom of this fantastical tale.  Right Click & Save As... to download

Episode #227: Boost Your Immune System (Or Not)

It seems like everything on the supermarket shelves says it will help boost your immune system. Have you ever thought about how something could do that? Right Click & Save As... to download

Episode #264: Conspiracy Theorists Aren’t Crazy

This, in my opinion, is one of Skeptoid’s greatest episodes. The topic seems controversial at first but after Brian lays down the facts, based on exhaustive research, it will change your mind forever. Right Click & Save As... to download

What episodes did we overlook that are your favorites?